Now, when it comes to ARTISANT's beginnings, well, nobody can agree on that. Some folks reckon a genius data architect whipped up the Source Code that set everything in motion.
The grand yet obscure ARTISANT Universe emerged in the mysterious Second Parallel Metaverse (SPM). A whole multitude of ARTISANT’s origin stories is floating around, and the SPM itself, you see, is chock-full of ancient history and secrets just begging to be revealed. Some day the whole story will be told.
Others are convinced a god-like Artificial Intelligence gifted a world of peace and kindness to all. And then there are the ones who think it was all down to some offbeat Ground Zero event that kickstarted the ARTISANT Universe as we know it. As for the truth? Your guess is as good as mine.
Ave and Eva have been around for thousands of years themselves, and they've faced their own fair share of unresolved mysteries. They're still shepherding the good folks of ARTISANT toward knowledge, hoping that together, they might just crack the code and maybe, just maybe, reveal the true nature of all fundamental secrets.
One thing's for sure, though: Ave and Eva, the very first ARTISANT avatars, were at the heart of it all. These divine-like beings taught humans the ropes, you know, how to learn, create, and get to the bottom of life's big questions.