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Dexter is a male character who looks at fashion from his own point of view. Leaving aside the stereotypes imposed by society, he wears a mix of garments without a defined gender. The handbag is part of any outfit because of its usefulness, as well as the short vest, why do short clothes always have to be women's?

Painting your nails is part of art and the color purple has always been linked to feminism. All eyes are on it, because probably for the basic society, it is different. They don't know what they hide behind the mask.
By Jon Sánchez
1. Dexter
Ren is the name of the male character, He has a fierce and bold style to complete his look, with the printed bright color sweater pairing with black jogger pants with purple fire he looks so dope, and with matching bucket hat
By Thalia Medellin
3. The blitz
Ecoolska has created new wearable NFT collection “MAMMAMIA” in glam rock style.
All the digital outfits have physical copy of upcycling-collection sewn from old clothes from second hand only in single pieces.
By Ida
CN8 total look is inspired by Cadmus in Greek mythology he was the founder of Thebes, the greatest hero, and the slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles. Cadmus introduced the alphabet to the Greeks.
By Antzela Tsilikova
Alice in Wonderland from The Wizard of Oz meets a gentleman hunter who is lost in the forest!
By Kay Cheung
5. Wizard of Oz|Psychedelic Forest Series
Mm is about looking to the future while respecting our past.
By Jordan spence
6. beige noise
How should a man look on the streets of a modern city? After work in the office, there is a reload. Informal clothing showing masculinity is what you need. Designed to be easy to manufacture and looks like what you can now wear on the streets of the city.
By Alexander
7. Reload
"JENIMPAZ" touches on the theme of duality, where male masculinity is mixed with the continuity of the traditions of my Nation, and its integration into the modern world.
By Tony
"ETH-Walk" is a masculine look that oozes confidence and sex appeal. It is perfect for the modern man who wants to make a statement with his style. The collection features sharp, clean lines and a minimalistic aesthetic that is both stylish and sophisticated. The pieces in the collection are versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Whether you are looking for a new work outfit or a night out on the town, FabeeoBren has you covered. (3D animation loops)
By Fabeeo Breen
10. ETH-Walk
The suit is called an Bang
The universe as we know it came into being as a result of a gigantic explosion that produced not only the bulk of matter, but was also the source of basic physical laws.
Suit in avant-garde futuristic style. All materials in a suit with a metallic sheen. Made from cosmic metals from the Big Bang of the Universe.
By Ksenya
9. Bang
Chrome blue represents the future of fashion with these organic and reflective materials and with a sober and elegant style for any situation.
By Matthieu
11. Chrome blue
In the world where society puts everything into boxes, I choose No Name.
13. "No Name"
The Golden Nomad is dedicated to the historical Saka king in ceremonial Armor made of golden scales on a leather base. Neo-nomad flew to us through a time capsule and embodied in the image of a modern macho dressed in a digital gold jacket with embroidered brocade inserts. The headpiece is made in the form of a stylized nano-felting helmet with neon illumination and a protective glass mask. The neon illumination of the jacket and pants is activated by a touch button on the gloves equipped with light batteries. Additional light batteries are fixed in the lower part of the legs. The outfit has a large number of pockets. On the belt of the jacket on both sides there are fastenings for felt capes, which are necessary on the way for both Kipchak nomads and Scottish knights, as well as modern Bedouins.
The Golden Nomad stores all the necessary accessories for moving between worlds in a special backpack made of leather and felt, equipped with LEDs. The eyepieces of the VR-glasses have a magnetized 4D vision lens.
By Milendia Solomarina
12. Golden Neo Nomad
Sometimes you don't need an inspiration, but listen to your mind to scribble it for you. This piece is scribble of my mind
Music - NEFFEX (Till My Hands Bleed)
By Gulshan
14. Mind
There is a surprise waiting for you in each electroegg. Current designs for unique digital looks. Build your collection.
By Electromill3d
15. #001
'Flestur' is FLExible and STURdy. Seamlessly connected based on two opposing yet completely blendable properties. The new masculinity in design here is not limited to descriptive adjectives like strong / robust, it also extends to fragility / softness. This message is clearly expressed in the hugging design, and the contemporary Asian motifs contrast with the angular material, creating a mysterious, seductive beauty like yin and yang.
By 143DRESS (Tran Quynh Nhi)
16. Flestur
Dandyism is something that can be reconsidered, reimagined, and reinterpreted by anyone. It's the idea that you create yourself to make your own statement.

“The idea of dandies has been around for generations from the historical powdered clichés to Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, and Harry Styles. But the idea of dandyism seems lost and forgotten.”

Dandy’s really about a performance of masculinity, it's about accepting there is no rulebook to what it means to be a man.

Too much concern in fantasy, this idea of being liberating, freeing, exciting, and dynamic.
It's about being yourself, finding your path and the power of individuality.
Rebelling against what's gone before and just doing your own thing.

By Florencia Arezzo
17. dandy_4.0
DUALITY -This outfit is an amalgamation of multiple facets of masculinity. It talks about a boundary-less vision for masculine fashion where the odds meet and coexist in harmony, depicting a sense of balance. Matte against shine and sharp cuts against drapey fabric speak of the wide spectrum of masculinity, showing there isn't just one kind of masculinity that exists.
The use of material juxtaposes the familiar with the unfamiliar; the pinstripes reflect the "real world," where our identity is grounded in reality. However, the materials used in this jacket create the illusion of being able to fly through space and time, lending it a futuristic vision.
By Monika
In response to new masculinity I created Macho Pink. A piece that contradicts itself; it has metal armor details, colored, however, bright pink, a color that’s known to be “girly”. I was thinking about what men have to go through, what they are expected to wear and how “musculine” they have to be, to be considered “real men”. I paired a “shining armor” that strong, masculine knights used to wear with a pink, feminine color to show that modern men don’t have to conform to these stereotypes anymore.
By Maria Kapourani
20. Macho Pink
This is the karma tree on the shoulders of the last man a symbol of masculinity that is on the brink of extinction because of all the mistakes they made from the industrial revolution till today causing lots of damage to the environment, femininity, wild life and even society.
By klayman
19. Extinction
Janus in ancient Roman mythology was known as the initiator of human life, transformations between stages of life, and shifts from one historical era to another.

Janus represented the middle ground between both concrete and abstract dualities such as life/death, beginning/end, war/peace.

The switch between the outfits represents Janus traditional portrait, where he has two faces - one facing the past, and one facing the future. This transition symbolise the shift to new, peaceful, era.

We believe that together we can build a safe Metaverse for us and our next generations.
21. Janus
In this project, "Extravagance and Flamboyance. KERRY with a corsage“, I dressed „KERRY" in an individual look I created for Fashioning Masculinities Digital Fashion Contest

The idea was to create a digital garment look that created the illusion of physicality and integrated digital elements.

Garment Created in CLO 3D, Edit in DaVinci Resolve
K A J A Ξ @Kaja Froehlich-Buntsel 2022


Relativity, 1992
in "Rúr'" monograph (Ostfieldern 2011) pp.166
By Kaja Fröhlich-Buntsel
23. Extravagance and Flamboyance. KERRY with a corsage.
This is a man's digital fashion clothing which I was inspired by new world. You need to be strong and patient, smart and patient and have your own world inside.
By Veronica Kemsky
22. Run to flip
Designed to be read from the bottom up, this outfit was created as a response to past, current and future ideas of masculinity. It highlights some of the negative aspects that are still encountered today through the use of protective elements. Armour, padded jackets, needles puncturing aluminium trouser pockets are all meant to symbolize the tension of being strong, fearless and protecting, with the often overlooked qualities of wellbeing and openness. Questioning if the armour is actually protecting or instead trapping the occupier. Towards the top of the outfit is a more hopeful outcome with a decorated heart and an acknowledgement to the many ways masculinity can be expressed through any form or gender .
By Romeo
24. Lethal Bloom
"Love's Dogma" is the testimony of love and time.
A deep scar that makes its way into the heart and marks it day after day.
The dress, like the wearer, is a survivor of a suffered love,
but it must be worn with the pride of a god, and the humility of a child, for that love will never be in vain.
Every moment spent in love, though it has left deep wounds in its wake,
has also left a message that cannot be forgotten: our love is immortal, and for this: divine.
By Rayo De Lux (Francesco Raini)
25. Love's Dogma
They're watching. They tell you what you need to do. They think see right through you. They know how it will be better for you. But you have already made a choice not in their favor.
By Papuga Lab
26. Hermit
I was born from a woman and bear her emotions. I have insecurities that necessitate pampering and affection. I'm overdressed in frills, proud of my audacity to be myself. I daydream about wearing the bikini top with the puffy sleeves that symbolise my manhood. In my universe, there is no archetype. I am gentle, modest, and open. I enjoy flaunting my stylish appearance and desire attention. When I have the courage to feel and express what my body demands, my machismo is genuine.

My face crown rescues me from the evil eye. However, I do see your curious expressions, and I am glad to see them. In your Eurocentric society, where my fashion sense defies preconceptions, I stand here confident and unafraid. Come closer to observe and appreciate my looks.
By On-Click Closet
27. Machismo with Frills
I created this Digital Couture piece with questions in mind - Who am I? I have encountered so many labels in my life. People have always questioned my identity, my sexuality and my gender.

I referenced back to the 70s Glam Rock style, re-defining what menswear can look like. Fashion is genderless, fashion is about self-expression. I’m tired of being limited to a box of how a man is supposed to act, dress and speak.

This Digital Couture genderless look is a fusion of traditional Chinese silhouette with extravagant modern twist. At a golden age of fashion inclusivity, we are able to explore or invent new forms of identity through fashion with relative freedom. Focusing on the details, the golden embodied dragon prints symbolise traditional masculinities and power, contrasting with new modern masculinities, the length of the dress and extravagant, flamboyant ruffles.

(The Animation has two parts: Storytelling + Animation)
By Morchen Liu
Random access memories, is a look formed by a set of garments that represent fluid dress codes, also the mix of aesthetics, colors and prints represents the complex and sometimes contradictory context when it comes to deconstructing one's identity and understanding the role that aesthetics and codes play when it comes to fitting into a diverse society.
By Claudi
29. Access Random Memories
The title refers to the mythological figure, Caelus, (his name in Latin meaning ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’) who is associated with masculine generative force.
His outfit is inspired by the anatomical shapes of the male figure, combining sportswear and street wear garment details. The paneled mesh top is a sportswear reference while the wide leg jeans as a street wear piece refer to the Y2K trend in contemporary fashion.
The pastel pink and mauve color palette is in contrast with the masculine stereotype of the past decades, which is becoming outdated in contemporary culture. In modern culture it is accepted again, for the first time in centuries, for men to wear colors that were considered feminine in recent past fashion. By using this color scheme I aimed to symbolize the idea of free self expression, the right to express ourselves regardless of gender, yet the design still remaining masculine.
The digital fabrics are sheer mesh tulle, printed power mesh and laser printed denim. The textures are a reference the rich textures and vibrant colors that were accepted until the 18-19th century men’s fashion. In contrast to the historical reference, the print design is inspired by camouflage, an abstract modern pattern that suggests several ideas: the need for blending in or the idea of being an explorer, a traveler.
The scene is created with AI Dall*e and depicts an imaginary landscape, which can be on an unknown planet or can even be a place here on Earth.
It also signifies self exploration, introspection and celebrates the idea that men can have -and are allowed to show their softer aspects- as it is now mor acceptable in modern culture, while they can still remain and be perceived as masculine.
By Renata Rakossy
30. Caelus, The Explorer
Today's Masculinities in their purest form are unfortunately often fashioned through uniforms and dehumanisation in spaces like prisons and armies. In France, masculinity costs the government around 100 milliards of € per year (Peytavin, "Le coût de virilité"). I'd like to draw attention to this issue : men and AMAB gender minorities (= all bodies with prostates) should empower themselves and challenge their male gender socialization with dignity and honesty instead of reproducing the toxic masculinity that costs everyone (including themselves) money, mental health and lives.
By Aesyn (real name Anna)
31. Carcer
Every man is a boy at heart, trying to find the place where the rainbow begins. It is not at all necessary for an adult to hide his belief in magic. Everything is possible in the virtual world. Next mission - Iridescence man
By Maria
32. iridescence man
Inspired by the revival of space exploration; combining classic silhouettes with futuristic materials to create an intergalactic menswear outfit.

This ensemble features a cyber-ceramic bomber jacket with LED lights and a black marble-printed nylon ripstop bodysuit. Influences behind this piece include Metal Gear Solid, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Interstellar.

The background retells the classic 1969 moon landing, "One Giant Leap For Mankind".
By Kevin Tung
39. Moonwalker
Yura is a free man from a small town who continues to live in it. He doesn't deny himself the pleasure of wearing what he likes. This is how he feels free and masculinity.
By Natasha Manchak
36. YURA
I believe in a masculine fashion that takes into account every aspect of the male universe. My artwork represents the fusion between the cute and the rough part of the man, like opposites that coexist in a unique man.
I have chosen the game of chess as an aspiration because there are several pieces with different functions and moves, which in my mind describe the different characteristics of the individual, who cannot win individually, but only through cooperation.
By Federica Crippa
37. The King's Gambit
While coming up with the idea for this piece, I asked myself what is the sexiest physical thing in a man? The answer was abs! Also, strong shoulders and revealed underwear... But the main focus would be abs... And because both my logo and my name contain honey in them, I've decided to combine the two and create this outfit. It contains references to honey, bees, and beekeepers, as well as references to the style of the men at Burning Man.
By Clo B
38. Honey Drip Abs (HDA)
Main concept of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) OUTFIT collection. Human eye perception is limited with Visible spectrum, but here you can breake limits of material world and make your unique style, depending on wavelengths. The world is wider than you can see.
Dressed for the occasion, Nanaë is hosting a party in the jungle.
Serving opulence and couture to both human and vegetal world around him.
There is only room for kindness and tolerance in this momentum.
By Yoann De Geetere (a.k.a Sumbyos)
34. Nanaë
anyone can wear pink
35. pink is the new black
Mecha suit enhancement by LUCII
40. Mecha
My name is Jean Dorsey. I'm a stylist and blogger, living on the Earth N in a parallel reality with you. I've always had a passion for beauty and became a stylist. But even though I could not express myself as much as I'd like to, there were still times when I felt like it was too much for other people to handle.

But then one day it occurred to me that maybe if we all just kept growing beyond those boundaries we had set for ourselves—we could do more to reach our full happiness: we could inspire others to do the same. And so I became an blogger in our social media platform called Minegram.

And now here we are today! This video is from my personal profile on Minegram, which I recorded for Artisant x Jenny DAO initiative and wishing the best of luck to all participants of their Fashioning Masculinities contest!
By IZY studio
41. Jean Dorsey - blogger & stylist
I guess it's not easy to be a man, or at least not a good one. Man needs to be gentle, but protective at the same time. It doesn't mean women is not strong, just that she needs a strong, supportive man by her side, not to fear him, but to admire him. Men can be masculine while wearing a dress, or sexy underwear. Men can be masculine while taking care of themselves, both physically and emotionally. Men can be masculine while showing their emotions…
42. Matching Characters
Via the link below you can vote for your favorite artists and their artworks. You can select several artworks.
Fashioning Masculinities contest is timed to reflect on what's currently happening in Eurocentric men's fashion. The expansion of what is seen, felt, and being redefined around the dressing of masculine identities is the burning matter of today. So, whose bodies, and sexualities are self-actualized and centered in the mainstream beauty contest we call fashion?

Digital fashion designers are challenged through Fashioning Masculinities to define, discover, and inspire Men of our day and age.
For this contest, you will design a full menswear fashion look in response to new masculinity.

- ONE High-Resolution Preview image (2880x3840)
- ONE Animated fashion video (1440x1920)
- You will upload your artwork to a Google Form provided by ARTISANT.

Note: Your artwork will only reveal when contest entry is closed, please do not share the artwork on social media before the contest close.
Oct 10: opening of the contest
Oct 30: registration is closed (but you can still submit your designs)
Nov 6: deadline for submitting designs (closing at midnight)
Nov 15: opening of the gallery in Metaverse with designs of every contestant. Opening of the public voting
Nov 19: announcement of the semi-finalists
Dec 7: live finals, the announcement of the winners
will mint the artworks of all the semi-finalists on their marketplace; will airdrop a wearable for the RPM ecosystem to each winner;

will collect the artworks of the three winners for 2ETH total: 1ETH for the first place, .7ETH for the second place, and .3ETH for the third place;

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