September 12, 2022
Author: Ivan Dzhelomanov // ARTISANT community manager.
We talked with an amazing artist on the main topics of NFTs, digi-fashion and our collab.
Our digital fashion collaboration with SENI is dropping this week. We talked with an amazing artist on the main topics of NFTs, digi-fashion and our collab.
1. How did you get into NFTs? How did you start your journey?

In February 2021 I was very enthusiastic about Clubhouse. I was randomly surfing from room to room and jumped into Alexander Marazzi’s room called NFT Tips, and they were discussing NFTs. I googled it that evening and asked some questions to speakers. The room was incredibly friendly and welcoming.

I got sooooo inspired, the idea of decentralization and creators’ economy resonated with me a lot, I just got that feeling that I have to try it out asap. So I minted my first piece of art 2 days after, and I sold it less than in a week and now I am an artist with more than 1.5 year experience in the space. NFT community is like a family to me now, love it.
2. What is your signature style?

I hope that my style is constantly developing, and I will never have a ready answer to this question lol.

I think that the idea behind the art/project is much more important than the form, so if I may call it a style, I would say that my topic of interest is unconscious powers of creatures that I express through beauty of mainly female characters.

From the tech part: I work in 2D currently and I would say that my main power is a color work, I love my pallets so much.
To be honest, I study 3D as well, it inspires me a lot, but I don’t feel the creative freedom there yet. Will see what my brain can do in 3D, I need some more time to learn the instrument.
3. What do you think about digital fashion? Is it the next big thing?

Fashion is the form of art that has a direct connection to society daily, in the synergy with crypto and tech it has a game changing power.

For me digital fashion is a strong driver for mass adoption and natural move for the fashion industry. It has unlimited opportunities for creativity and consumption and will reduce the damage to the eco system.
4. Why did you decide to connect with ARTISANT? What do you like about the project?

I am in love with the ARTISANT philosophy and values, and I was following Regina for a while, I think we have quite similar vision and attitude to what we build, and once we connected, I had a strong desire to collaborate.

I respect true builders and visioners, and i see artisant as a perfect place for free self-expression, I am honored to partner up with ARTI team! We have already done a digital fashion contest together and now a new drop, let’s goooo!
5. What’s the concept behind your collaboration?

Together with ARTI team we’ve been working on the digital fashion collab. I am an artist who came up with the idea of the look on the sketch and ARTISANT brought it to 3D and trust me it looks mind-blowing, even better than in my imagination.

We have different traits and colors with different details and rarity, hope u will enjoy your user journey and have fun in our digital fashion look in the metaverse.

I had pure freedom in creating the character for our collab.
So my idea is that this look is for a Digital nomad with beautiful authentic background, strong posture and tender soul. It is sexy and funny and has a lot of self-irony and wisdom all at the same time. Hope u like it!
6. What is your favorite collection on ARTISANT?

I am waiting for the release of Meta Raver look from the collab with Pixel and RPM, I fell in love with it from day 1, and also I like Wedding: Upcycled drop by Regina, it is the perfect illustration of what web3 means. There are no boundaries, and everything can be mixed up and still be fabulous!
7. What’s the next big step for digital fashion?

Digital fashion gives unlimited opportunities for creativity, I see a huge potential for new software and experiments here.

But also I see the need to reach a critical mass of users to boost the process, so they should be a bridge to the large audience which brands can give.
Now we see that big brands try different forms of phygital/digital drops testing the audience. We are still very early and there is. No right answer in this quiz.

I see that nft can be smoothly integrated into brands CRM systems making all IP rights safe and transparent, this will lead to the direct communication between brand and final customer and once in works we will see a different attitude to products and customers. Digital fashion has the power to transform shopping to the community of equity holders and this is huge and soon.
8. Who are your TOP 5 artists in NFT?

This is a difficult question I know a lot of them and want to say that I love everyone I follow on Twitter, u guys are all incredibly talented and inspiring, but since there is a question I will tag
9. What do you hate and love the most in web3?

I would start with what I love:
Community, Community, Community!

Ps We all will be in web 3 sooner or later and it will be beautiful, I am a web3 enthusiast and believe that WAGMI, we are creators and builders and we are the future and our time starts now.

Hate: amount of scam; the execution of ideas always takes longer than expected, due to undeveloped technologies; twitter algorithms.
10. What is your grail NFT that you want to buy?

Ahaha I told it already I dream about Meta Raver from Pixel collab, hope that it will be dropped soon and it will be mine!

I have a pretty good collection of nfts, now in the winter, I am focused mainly on supporting new artists and friends.