October 26, 2022
Author: Linkdrop
Artisant x Linkdrop: linking a physical wearable to a virtual one

ARTISANT is a web3 fashion creative hub, one-stop shop for purchasing NFT wearables designed by the most prominent creators.
To get dressed up in the Metaverse, you simply need to purchase an NFT from one of the ARTISANT’s curated drops, then go to the supported Metaverse and redeem a wearable by connecting your wallet and signing a message.

For the Coinfest Asia event that has taken place a few months ago, ARTISANT wanted to onboard new users to the world of web3 fashion and its ecosystem, giving away special swag bags.

The bag was supposed to include:
  • a physical t-shirt, the one you could wear IRL
  • a digital twin of this t-shirt, an NFT that would work as a bridge to the ARTISANT ecosystem and be a key to some of the special future web3 fashion drops.

Thus, a tool that could help users link these physical tees and digital twins, claiming the NFT remotely and without hassle, was needed.

Linkdrop helped to connect two worlds
Our NFT claiming technology has turned out to be the greatest fit to bridge the physical t-shirt with the digital item, utilizing the following flow:

  • a person comes to the Coinfest Asia event
  • gets a promo pack with a t-shirt and a postcard with unique QR code
  • scans the QR code and get forwarded to Linkdrop Claim App
  • follows easy steps, and claims the NFT
  • the NFT represents the same physical t-shirt from promo pack, but in digital format
  • the NFT could be used to access unique ARTISANT digital wearable drops in future
Linkdrop helped to connect two worlds
NFTs that users have claimed will allow them to access unique digital fashion item sales on ARTISANT’s fashion hub in future. These items can be turned to the digital wearables in the popular Metaverses around the web.

You can try it out now, heading to one of their public sales on, purchasing a rad outfit right away, then going to, connecting your wallet and setting up the avatar.

All of the Artisant fashion NFTs are supported by the ReadyPlayerMe, and so the service will recognize if your crypto wallet has wearable NFTs on it, and automatically show items in your virtual wardrobe.

Dress up your avatar, connect it to the one of the Metaverses, and jump right in!
We feel that Metaverses will be gaining more power, and users would care about what they wear in them.

Our product here is a crucial tool to sync your physical wardrobe to the virtual one, letting any garment to be easily bridged to an NFT, and making you look brilliant in all of the worlds!



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