November 21, 2022
Author: Leila Ismailova // Communication and Partnerships at ARTISANT.
ARTISANT and MetaFactory teamed up to set a new benchmark for web3 fashion NFT utility.
ARTISANT and MetaFactory teamed up to set a new benchmark for web3 fashion NFT utility. Their latest collection is available for pre-order only.
The “Perfect for Art Basel” capsule collection was inspired by the eponymous festival hosted in Miami in the first week of December. While brainstorming ideas, ARTISANT and MetaFactory aimed to combine high-quality apparel with tongue-in-cheek prints that will make people smile and start interesting conversations. The team chose humor as the armor that will elevate the spirit of the web3 community during the downing bera.

MetaFactory is a leader in premium web3 apparel that uses the most sustainable methods - zero-waste production that leaves no waste behind, local micro-factories that decrease carbon emissions from shipment, and pre-orders that remove the problem of overproduction, to name a few.
One of the most prominent elements of the collection became silicon HaLo chips sewn into apparel. Created by Kong Land, indestructible HaLo chips provide infinite utility. In addition, HaLos radically changed the UX of self-custodial crypto, focusing on approachability and white-label solutions to allow for new experiences.

This new tech-infused clothing line is so innovative that the industry hasn’t figured out the name for it yet. Phygitals, network products, and future crafts are a few names one can find on Twitter. However, ARTISANT and MetaFactory chose to name their collection metaphysical. It reflects two realms where it can be used.

Proof of authenticity is one of the features of the “Perfect for Art Basel” drop that allows the owners to value their possessions fairly and prevents knockoffs. NFT wearable accessible with one tap of the phone on the hoodie is another utility, as well as the ability to wear the enhanced digital twin in the Ready Player Me platform.

The clothing items vary in price from $35 for a bucket hat to $150 for a HaLo chip-infused hoodie. Making clothes sustainable and multifunctional does not increase their retail price.
Leila Ismailova, ARTISANT co-founder: “It is an inspiring project for me because it offers an effective solution for the fashion industry that creates technologically enhanced, more functional, sustainable clothes. With this project, I want to send a message to big brands so that they stop looking in a different direction, pretending like these solutions do not exist. Also, as a Floridian, I genuinely appreciate the theme for this collection - Art Basel. This event is a cultural phenomenon in artistic and social paradigms. And last but not least is the wittiness of the collection that I hope will make people smile even on the gloomiest day of bera.”
Daofren, MataFactory DAO member: “Mass adoption of digital fashion is coming sooner than later. And today, we get to merge physical and digital products in the most utilitarian yet beautiful approach - while saving natural resources. As a result, we produce more valuable products.”
a new-era fashion brand that creates in web3; integrates alternative business verticals; and is driven by innovation, creativity, and sustainability.
In the past year, ARTISANT pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion striking deals with Puma, Decentraland, Spatial, Sandbox, and RPM - to name a few.

is the leader in premium apparel for the web3 ecosystem.
It is a community-owned brand focused on crafting products & experiences that travel seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds.

is an experimental crypto state with a mission to bridge the physical world to the digital metaverse and blockchain assets through global adoption of its HaLo chips and Ethereum Reality Service (ERS) public goods.