January 7, 2022
Everything what you need to know about the ARTISANT.
ARTISANT - is a digital fashion WEB3 platform.

You can find here:
-Curated Fashion wearable drops.
-Marketplace with Fashion collectable NFTs by talented artists.
We are focused on curated metaverse web3 fashion collections created by the most prominent artists and designers from all around the world. Each curated collection is meant to go beyond with web3 metaverse utility.

We aim to share crypto culture via fashion, merge crypto, digital and traditional fashion, NFT and utility - into one metaverse open space.

We are supporting our amazing digital fashion community as we strive to help building decentralised fashion creators' economy.

We empower digital and physical fusion and the transition to the new reality, We can clearly see that part of the fashion wardrobe will be digital. Digital fashion will sail more towards social interaction, self-expression, and bringing joyful vibes to everyone. We will create a perfect environment for interaction with digital fashion in web3 - open, cozy and friendly for all.

We see this process as a major step toward making the fashion industry more sustainable, conscious and ethical.

Back in late 2019, we began to explore the exciting birth of the digital fashion trend. Regina created the first digital fashion collection for Puma, sold the first digital garments to private customers, and following the extensive growth of demand, founded — the first digital fashion marketplace.

Replicant’s a legendary project, and it became a big community of digital fashion ambassadors, designers, brands, and everyone open to new ways of self-expression and self-perception. was featured in the Associated Press and Euronews, Forbes, Vice, Vogue, Just Style, Glamour, BBC, etc.

It was a year’s journey and now has an extensive line-up of designers and sustainably increasing revenue.


The next step was into the NFT digital fashion space — The ARTISANT. A place where digital fashion can reach new frontiers based on the NFT, decentralization, creativity, and technology.

ARTISANT is a digital fashion NFT marketplace, a WEB3 fashion platform based on Etherium blockchain, and a digital fashion community. Designers create and sell their NFTs at ARTISANT, and collectors buy, resell, and use digital items.

ARTISANT is a space where collectors could find the unique fashion NFTs, meet new talents and create beautiful collections of valuable digital fashion artworks, garments, items that will be the essential part of the future metaverses.

NFT is a perfect licensing tool — a cornerstone for the creator’s economy which is a big part of our mission and vision.


ARTISANT supports and promotes digital fashion, creativity, and a new mindset of interaction with clothing — based on tech, blockchain, and more accessible opportunities for all.

We support designers and all creators so that they can get due credit for their artwork. And we want to build a decentralized network of digital fashion art — for designers, brands, artists, and collectors.


We stand for #digitalfashion, we know how it works, and we are sure it will change the fashion industry for good. Soon — as technologies keep developing — more people will get into NFT. Everyone will be wearing digital garments in everyday life. There will be no difference between digital and physical fashion. Art collectors will possess unique digital clothes and use them in VR, social networks, AR, and in the metaverse.

We are bringing the world of digital fashion art based on blockchain into the space of future metaverses where owners will communicate and express their personalities wearing garments created by their favorite digital designers.


ARTISANT uses the original ERC-721 standard for its Non Fungible Tokens. For marketplace features, ARTISANT uses an on-chain-based order book and trade system. Check out ARTISANT smart contract on Etherscan.


MAY 2020 - done
Launched the world’s first web2 multi-brand digital fashion marketplace - That was a cornerstone for building our community and forging our values and vision. We experimented with AR and AI tech in fashion, launched the avatar try-on room, collaborated with brands like PUMA, Converse, Gucci and The North Face, and created digital covers for top-flight magazines.

JUNE 2021 - done
Launched ARTISANT - web3 digital fashion creative space and NFT platform. The first NFT drop featured crypto artists, digital fashion designers and outstanding creators like Stephy Fung, Sasha Frolova, UNHUEMAN and others.

DECEMBER 2021 - done
Keep onboarding artists and designers, providing web3 knowledge base and tools. Now the marketplace is open to anyone. 50+ creators onboard, 70+ NFTs sold.

Q1 2022 - done
Raised our first funds and started building the team - blessed by the support from Red DAO, Kanosei Ventures and MetaCartel Venture DAO. The process goes on.

MARCH 2022 - done
Wedding: Upcycled NFT wearables drop powered by PUMA was presented at the Decetraland Metaverse Fashion Week.

JUNE 2022
Curated NFT wearable drop in collaboration with the crypto artist PIXELORD - powered by Ready Player Me. Enforcing focus on the digital fashion wearables for the Metaverse.

Q2 2022
Women in Web3 - NFT wearable drop uniting prominent women crypto artists. Digital fashion conference that encourages women to become creators, builders or leaders in web3 through collaborative work and meaningful gatherings.

More curated drops and collaborations. Exploring opportunities in different Metaverses like Altava, Sandbox, Decentraland, Spatial, etc.

Q4 2022
Present vision on ARTISANT Token - a tool that gives unique metaversal and in-real-life benefits to all ARTISANT community members - collectors, creators and brands.

Q1 2023
Phygital NFT drop. Powerful collaboration that binds physical and metaversal web3 fashion experience.

Token launch. ARTISANT is the ultimate NFT digital fashion creative space. Blooming community of crypto artists, digital fashion designers and traditional fashion brands. The first go-to place to create, collect and trade digital fashion wearable NFTs.