September 9, 2022
CloneX dressed up: ARTISANT launches Starsign - a showroom for RTFKT avatars and Red DAO digital fashion NFTs.
CloneX dressed up: ARTISANT launches Starsign - a showroom for RTFKT avatars and Red DAO digital fashion NFTs.
Starsign by ARTISANT - take a look here.

ARTISANT and Red DAO teamed up to set a new benchmark for web3 fashion NFT utility. The most prominent digital fashion DAO has a vast wardrobe of fashion NFT artworks and a line-up of RTFKT CloneX avatars. And the ARTISANT team is constantly researching and working on new ways to add depth to web3 fashion NFT utility and expand the Metaverse.

As a result, two lines of Red DAO digital assets were combined. Here comes the Starsign by ARTISANT - a space where selected Red DAO CloneX avatars shine in picked Red DAO digital fashion NFTs.

In the first edition of the Starsign, seven RTFKT avatars can be dressed up in eleven fashion NFTs, which provides 77 various avatars and garment mixes. The room operates as a 3D space with rotation, scaling, changing outfits and instant profile pic snapshots.

The next Starsign upgrade will open doors to anyone and unlock the possibility to upload other avatars. Combined with different fashion NFT garments, avatars can be exported as 3D files.

This is the response to the growing demand by digital fashion collectors to showcase and utilise their NFTs and explore new ways of interacting with web3 fashion in the Metaverse. We are motivated to bring more people to the cosy digital fashion community and inspire creators and designers to mint more digital fashion art.

Since the ARTISANT team started experimenting with digital fashion in 2020, the goal has been to find the ultimate way to own and use it. At first, people bought 3D garments for their photos. Then they could hold and transfer their digital fashion - thanks to NFT and blockchain. And now, it is time to showcase and use web3 wearables in the Metaverse.

Regina, ARTISANT founder and CEO: “You can see that we are strong Metaverse believers and enthusiasts. Earlier, we launched the NFT fashion drop with PUMA that can be used in Decentraland. The first out of four NFT wearables from our PIXELORD x Ready Player Me drop has been released, minting is ongoing, and new items will be out soon. And currently, we are exploring this digital fashion showcase magic with RTFKT avatars and Red DAO. The Metaverse is the ultimate environment for self-expression, playful identities, and creativity. It is the evolution of the fashion industry. Many more people will get into this space in the coming years, and we love to help this happen”.
Red DAO: “By bringing together CloneX avatars with digital fashion garments in RED’s collection, Artisant is building innovative and interactive digital fashion experiences that showcase the importance of wearability. A novel idea, Artisant’s Dressing Room conveys a deep understanding of the emerging applications and creative possibilities of fashion in the digital realm. They are embracing the spirit of collaboration in web3, merging RTFKT avatars with the works by independent digital fashion designers. Red is a proud backer of Artisant.”

Artisant Inc.

ARTISANT - web3 digital fashion creative space and NFT platform launched in June 2021. The ultimate place unites fashion designers, web3 artists, traditional brands and NFT collectors - with 60+ designers currently onboard and 200+ NFTs sold.

ARTISANT promotes digital fashion values and supports the web3 fashion community. It was designed and developed by the team that launched the legendary first-ever multi-brand web2 digital fashion marketplace in May 2020.