October 19, 2022
Author: Leila Ismailova // Communication and Partnerships at ARTISANT.
ARTISANT, in partnership with Jenny Metaverse DAO, is hosting a contest for digital fashion designers.
ARTISANT, in partnership with Jenny Metaverse DAO, is hosting a contest for digital fashion designers.
On October 10th, we announced a new contest we are hosting for the vast community of our designers.

For a while, the NFT market and the overall global economy have been going through a recession. In times like these, it seems more relevant than ever to stick together and inspire each other to create.
It is one of the reasons we are hosting the contest.

Many may ask why Fashioning Masculinities?
We got a good answer for you.

In fashion and society lately, the focus has been on femininity. Although in digital fashion and the NFT world, the main buyers are men. We decided to focus on interpreting the state of masculinity in our day and age through the lens of fashion. It seemed that, for a while, this topic was not covered enough.

In a week after the announcement, we got dozens of applications. Some candidates are famous designers. It proves that Fashioning Masculinities is an inspirational topic.

For this contest, we decided not to disclose the competing designs and contestants until the very last minute.

Please, read more about the application process on the website
Also, pay attention to the deadlines. If you have questions, ask them on our Discord. We keep going 24/7.
What is the most exciting part of the contest?
Of course, prizes. Thanks to our partners with which we joined forces, we plan a lot of rewards and spectacular events for the designers. To name a few - Jenny DAO will collect the artworks of the three winners for 2ETH total: 1ETH for the first place, .7ETH for the second place, and .3ETH for the third place. More details on the prizes are on our website.
To make things more interesting, we decided not to disclose all the prizes and prepare special awards that can be won not just by finalists but by any contestant who got enrolled.

Tips for Artists
Be philosophical and bold with your art. Be courageous. Use this contest as your emotional outlet where you let your spirit be free.

Remember that presentation is equally vital as your designs. Ensure you provide your bio, links, and description of the project you prepared for the contest. It would help if you made it easy for those who view your work to get to know you. The fewer clicks, the better.

Follow the enrollment guidelines and do not miss the deadline. While creatives always travel in parallel worlds, it is essential to be responsible and not miss out on this great opportunity because of a tiny mistake.

Don’t show your design. Instead, submit it on our website and wait until we exhibit it at our special live event in Spatial.

Take this opportunity seriously. The event has great partners, big prizes, and media coverage.

Who is organizing Fashioning Masculinities?
Web3 digital fashion creative space and NFT platform. The ultimate place unites fashion designers, web3 artists, traditional brands, and NFT collectors.
ARTISANT promotes digital fashion values and supports the web3 fashion community.

Jenny Metaverse DAO
Jenny DAO is a joint contemporary art collection where you can be a visitor, user, and director all at once.
In the Metaverse, we are building a top collection of ever-evolving NFTs, including almost 300 works of modern and contemporary art collectibles, photography, and fashion NFTs. We are racing the forefront of NFTs, working directly with creators and artists to create value in this community.

We wish all contestants best of luck!