February 23, 2023
ARTISANT launches Fashion Playground powered by Avaturn: customise your avatars, dress them up in digital fashion, make them move!
  • ARTISANT x Avaturn present a 3D dressing room for avatars.
  • ARTISANT: 10 000 fashion art collectors daily.
  • 90+ daily fashion assets dropped, collected nearly 220 000 times in total.
  • ARTISANT community of 50 000+ has grown x3 since the launch of daily fashion drops
ARTISANT is introducing another massive upgrade to the platform. Nearly 10 000 digital fashion art collectors rush here every day to claim free fashion drops. Now, ARTISANT residents can also enjoy the complete experience of using their fashion assets while dressing up the avatars they create and customise.

Eva, Ave or your digital twin

Earlier, we unveiled Eva and Ave, our authentic avatars who are part of the profound and immense ARTISANT universe, a splendid and evolving story. The community can now swing between the two charming characters, dress them up in selected digital fashion artwork, customise by picking hairstyle type and dye and adding various cool accessories to the look. Finally, you can rotate and zoom in and out on your creation, place Eva or Ave in a static pose for a flashing selfie or make them move in dynamic actions like karate, long-distance running or push-ups.

Another attractive option: create your own photorealistic avatar via Avaturn, a next-gen platform where users can make their realistic avatars from a photo. Do exactly the same cool stuff, like with Eva or Ave, but this time with someone who represents your real physical identity in the metaverse.
Fashion NFTs, limitless self-expression, one creative space

We are introducing this significant upgrade in line with our long vision for the future. We are thrilled to be taking down the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. We have been promoting and driving the digital fashion revolution since early 2020. And our top goal is to deliver an exceptional user experience at the intersection of fashion, NFTs, and gaming to the ARTISANT community.

Our big idea leads to the times when anyone is free to express themselves via digital fashion in the most creative and fascinating ways with no limitations. Fluid personal identities, beautiful avatars, supernatural fashion designs. The ultimate space for the creators to bring their ideas to life and the absolute place for everyone to get together, share ideas, and get entertained - all connected in blockchain and the metaverse.
100+ extraordinary artworks for the family-like community of 50 000+

In November last year, we launched the ARTISANT collect-every-day platform with dazzling fashion designs dropped daily. Users can claim them for free and convert them into NFTs and use in the metaverse later. Since the launch, we have dropped 91 bespoke digital fashion artworks that have been collected nearly 220 000 times in total.

Each digital fashion garment on ARTISANT is crafted carefully by the most talented designers and artists or produced in collaboration with fashion and non-fashion brands. Each outfit is a masterpiece that conveys the artistic vision of its creator. And they are metaverse-ready: backed up by 3D files, sometimes with AR lenses, occasionally available as wearables in various digital worlds.

Since the daily drops platform launch, our community has tripled and now unites 50 000+ followers: digital fashion adopters, crypto natives, artists, and designers. Now, we are the fastest-growing web3 fashion community ever. And this is just the beginning.


Artisant Inc.

ARTISANT is an NFT digital fashion platform with 2earn gamification. Users can collect, mint, trade, and use their digital fashion assets, create and level up their avatars and uncover ARTISANT Universe stories going through daily gameplay.

We are coming from the first-ever web2 digital fashion marketplace,, launched in May 2020. We are collaborating with the leaders of fashion and metaverse: PUMA, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Ready Player Me, Decentraland, Spatial and many other cool projects, artists and brands.


Avaturn is a next-generation avatar platform which generates realistic 3D avatars from 2D photos in real time using generative AI.

The new platform was designed to empower game and XR developers of all sizes to create high-fidelity avatars of their players quickly and at scale. With just 15 minutes of integration, developers can have playable avatars of their users in their games, metaverse or apps.

Among the companies that already use our avatar technology are Disney, Infosys, Itochu, Softbank, and even the Grammy award-winning band Clean Bandit debuted Avaturn's avatars in their most recent clip, "don't leave me lonely."