August 11, 2022
Author: Leila Ismailova // Communication and Partnerships at ARTISANT.
About House of Muse conference.
As our team looks back to hosting House of Muse 2-day online conference, we keep drawing new lessons and ideas from mind-blowing speakers who joined the event. Seriously, absolutely for free, the best minds of Web3 got together to share their expertise with you guys! How awesome it is?

We got over 500 registered guests for the event (not bad for our first event with $0 marketing and pr). If you weren't able to attend, we got you covered. Click the link and watch. ⇩

  • 450+ registered guests, 30 speakers (BFF, Decentraland, BFF, Spatial, Mavion, and other projects)
  • 8 panel discussions
  • 5 keynotes
  • 2 days of free live streaming from the best minds in Web3
  • Digital fashion gallery in The Meeting Space in Spatial World with over 400 guests in the first week
We hosted 13 panels and talks! What are the hottest NFT projects you need to know and buy into, how to create your NFT drop, secrets to building a powerful community - are just a few topics that we covered at House of Muse. And of course, the king and the queen of the event were the digital fashion. Sorry, we had to be biased.
"Digital fashion is here to bring a lot of women into the space and to elevate the NFT space aesthetically." by Katia from Red DAO
"Without Metaverse, digital fashion does not make sense, because there is no utility." by Yegor Lapshov
"Fashion is about identity. As well as avatars. That’s why we see a rise of interest to digital fashion as Metaverse expands." by Gia Valintina from Spatial
We just wanted to give you a taste of mind-stimulating and practical recommendations from web3 gurus. Combine it with jokes, interpretation of history and philosophy, practical tips on how to turn an idea into a lucrative project, and secrets of being happy while creating 24/7 - and you will have a better understanding of House of Muse.

1. From Erica Reiling (Crypto Venus):

Be authentic. Don’t look around trying to see what everybody else is doing.
You are an artist, make art. Do something to move the space forward. Spend a lot of time alone figuring out what you really want to build and why.

2. Katia (Red DAO):

Start with giving to the space, not taking. Engage with your community, come and join it, talk to people, find how you can be helpful. Maybe you can create a free accessory for your favorite pfp?
First, you bring your own value, and then it will come back to you.

3. Blue Moon (Ntent.art):

I am trying to make a difference in the world while collecting NFTs. Some of the collections have real-world values. For example, Heal Pass from Code Green. Another great example of a powerful community powered by technology is Meta Angels.
Longevity, consistency, and community are my key principles for NFT collecting.

4. Seni (artist):

Support your early supporters, collaborate with like-minded projects and make a real-world impact. While selling art is work, we need to remember to give back.

5. Gia Valintina (Spatial):

Finding innovative solutions for Web3 is the way to move forward - utility, philanthropy, interoperability - you pick your tool and you merge it with your art. Today we build the foundation of a better world.

As part of the House of Muse Conference, we created a VR digital fashion gallery in Spatial where you can see the beauty and potential of wearables and enjoy a walk in the most exquisite space in the metaverse - The Meeting Place. We hit 400 visitors in the first week.

Make sure to pay a visit.

For a better experience join through your VR set.

Internally, at ARTISANT, we tried to pick our favorite panel, but we kept rotating, while we finally listed all 13 panels and talks. But as an author of this blog post, I will abuse my privilege and share mine - Gatekeepers of Metaverse. Guys, our guests dropped gold! Literally, we could break down the whole panel into quotes. It is definitely worth watching for Gia Valentina’s (Spatial) definition of Metaverse, David Cash’s interpretation of Metaverse as the fourth dimension, and Victoire’s (Red DAO) take on digital fashion as a key element of the alternative world we all build.

What House of Muse really showed us is that when we all work together, we can create something truly great and contribute to the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem. We thank everyone who joined House of Muse:

Mavion, BFF, Coin Telegraph, Spatial, Red DAO, Stardust, PUMA, Exclusible, Cash Labs, Fashion DAO, Rarible, Nifty Chicks, Meta Angels, Crypto Venus, to name a few projects that co-created House of Muse in different yet very important roles.

As David Cash said during one of the discussions, we are the gate openers of Metaverse. Our generation is lucky to stand at the beginning of a new era where we get to write new terms, start businesses with new values and pass on a better world to generations to come.

The thought of working side by side with so many great thought leaders and simply ethical people gives us thrills and excitement. We are happy that so many people registered for the event, and got a chance to learn from such bright minds.

For the team ARTISANT, it was the most profound bonding experience. Nothing builds a team better than all-nighters filled with work, hehe. We learned a lot about each other, got pleasantly surprised by the depth of each team member and their reasoning for joining Web3 movement. So we wanted to say thanks separately to all the amazing members of ARTISANT team.

House of Muse took a unique approach to the event and dived deeper into the world of Web3. We tried to cover all layers of skills and knowledge that are needed for working in this industry. We covered different topics for the creative side of NFTs, business and PR/marketing sides. We also added a topic of Emotional Wellbeing for people who work in Web3, because it is the most high-paced industry ever, and those who are in it for the long run know how important it is taking care of your health and emotions. We also looked into the ethos of the Foundation of Web3 that our generation is laying for the future and how we can preserve its best values. Overall, we had educational, fun, practical conversations that we have no doubt can take you to the next level in your web3 adventure. So if you are like us, and you like leveling up your life, then invest time into watching House of Muse on ARTISANT’s YouTube Channel
As we closed the doors of House of Muse 2022, and are already playing with ideas for House of Muse 2023, we want to integrate a new term into crypto slang WeMI - We Made It!

House of Muse proved that the positive power of the community knows no limit, and we thank all of you for being living proof of it,