September 5, 2022
Author: Leila Ismailova // Communication and Partnerships at ARTISANT.
How to Sell Your NFTs from Jenny DAO
Recently, we had a chance to meet Lucie - Jenny DAO CMO. We had a fun and motivational Twitter Space together!
Jenny DAO is in the top 10 NFT art collectors globally. They recently started focusing more on digital fashion. ARTISANT is proud that Jenny DAO is our second biggest art collector.
During our conversation, we talked a lot about the relationship between artists and collectors. For example, at ARTISANT, we have so many great talented designers minting their works every week, and we believe that each work from our marketplace deserves to be worn in Metaverse. However, the truth of the matter is that not every designer sells their art.
So what makes a difference?
I guess the best person to answer this question is the art collector who calls the shots. We are extremely grateful to Jenny DAO and Lucie representing it for an open conversation and for sharing the top five tips that artists should follow in order to be spotlighted by a collector:
1. Show up for your craft everyday.
Show up for your community everyday. Study artists you like everyday. Consistency in this difficult economic climate shows to the world if you take your craft and Web3 seriously. As we know, so many people come to Web3 for quick success. But we do not believe in it. True artists build deep relationships with their community members on Discord and Twitter, they post everyday, and they show the ups and downs of their journey. They follow the principle of DYOR - do your own research - they improve their skills and explore the vast universe of Web3 that keeps growing with each coming day.
2. Don’t be shy.
It is better to apologize for doing something than regret for never making a move… This is the exact mentality that artists should have. We know that many artists are modest, and would rather let their art speak for themselves. However, in reality, it is very important to build relationships and ask for feedback, advice. Seriously, you can reach out to anyone - even art collectors, ask to review your work, for any recommendations of where it can be sold… At the end of the day, your success is your responsibility.
3. Collaborate with other artists and projects.
Open yourself for new opportunities and new audiences by uniting forces with fellow artists and like-minded projects. Thinking outside the box and creating in a spirit of collaboration are key elements of Web3 ethos. We are building from layer 0 a new world where there is less competition and more collaboration. We think it is a more holistic and motivational environment for artists than ever before. So seize the moment!
4. Participate in conferences.
Sometimes it takes only a few minutes to fill out the application for the conference. And who knows, in a few months you can be sitting at a panel with the biggest artists and art collectors talking about craft. This opportunity is within your reach. You can get space in the gallery to showcase, meet art collectors in person, start building relationships in your professional field on a new level. The world is filled with great opportunities, you just need to try them.
5. Participate in contests.
We admit that being discovered in a massive world of web3 can be tough, and we want to help artists to be in the spotlight, to motivate and inspire creativity. With that being said, in the next two weeks we will be announcing a contest for digital fashion designers! This way we want to discover new talented digital fashion designers and reward them by collecting their art. As always, we will pick the winners by voting at Jenny DAO. Yes, there will be multiple winners! More information is coming soon.