March 24, 2022.
Upcycled NFT wedding couture by to shine at Metaverse Fashion Week as part of PUMA’s “She Moves Us” platform
A striking wedding collection of four digital garments will be minted as NFTs and available as wearables at the Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week starting on 24 March.

Wedding: Upcycled drop is created by (Regina Turbina), an international digital fashion designer and web3 enthusiast based in the Middle East, powered by PUMA and ARTISANT web3 fashion marketplace.

The drop is part of PUMA’s “She Moves Us” movement, that wants to empower women through sharing their success stories and changing the narrative especially in fields that are still male dominated. Half of the funds collected from the drop will be donated to international charity organizations supporting women. In the weeks after the drop ARTISANT will also host a number of online open call sessions - to invite women from creative and crypto communities to talk about their values and the things that moved them forward in their respective disciplines to inspire other women around the world.

The collection represents four dazzling digital garments that combine the elements which don’t come together too often in the physical world - upcycled PUMA sneakers, footballs, goalkeeping gloves and backpacks are merged with heavenly light wedding fabrics, silhouettes and vibes of bliss. The inspiration comes from Regina’s personal perception of the PUMA brand essence and values and personal wedding experience, when she and her husband decided not to have a formal wedding ceremony but Regina kept thinking of the wedding dress she could wear.

Digital space has no limits for creation so the idea of the PUMA wedding collection came up naturally.
“I think these garments would look simply outstanding in reality just as they do in the Metaverse and I would be delighted to wear one of these dresses in the physical world someday”, says Regina.
“The combination of very diverse elements is the living proof that there are no boundaries in digital fashion space where anything is possible. The world has never been more connected, people have the absolute freedom of creativity and self-expression, and no physical resources are needed to produce these beautiful dresses. It is also about the community and friendship.

Each garment is a statement - it highlights individuality, women's power and tenderness, support and sisterhood. And there is also one men’s look that I think fits well in the collection, too”,
added Regina,

The collection includes three women's looks that go from tender digital silk motives to progressive flamboyant football patchwork dresses.

The most delicate and minimalistic wedding look is created from the satin silk with football gloves and sneakers integrations on the chest and cuffs. The white hat is decorated with a football element.

The second look embodies the Goddess of the 21st century. A magnificent and magical image that celebrates feminine strength, wisdom and grace. The patchwork dress is made of cotton and lacy patches with a PUMA logo at the bottom. The peach-colored top is assembled from a backpack and there are also elements made of gloves and sneakers. The lacy wedding veil, sparkling beads and a cap complete the image.

The final women’s look is a one-of-a-kind patchwork dress made from PUMA footballs. The ball elements are attached to the lacy basis with digital threads - the resulting pattern has a unique layout. There is also a lacy catsuit under the dress and a heavenly transparent digital organza cape behind.

The men’s look is a combination of the straight-cut jeans made from PUMA footballs and a digital metal jacket also decorated with football and sneakers elements.


When it comes to the ARTISANT vision of web3 digital fashion evolution, utility always comes right after gorgeous fashion designs.

Each of the four wedding garments will be minted as 1 of 1 NFT art and auctioned at Rarible. No white-lists will apply, anyone can place a bid. The details of the start date of the auction and prices are to be announced shortly.

At the same time, the four unique wearables will be created in Decentraland - they will be airdropped to the Regina Turbina powered by PUMA wedding collection owners.

Wedding: Upcylced collection will also be represented at the ARTISANT pop-up shop at the Metaverse Fashion Week - a dedicated building, part of the Rarible Digital Fashion district.