September 28, 2022
Author: Leila Ismailova // Communication and Partnerships at ARTISANT.
Meet artists that shaped Lisa’s artistic voice.
For a while, I wondered why I often meet NFT collectors who never collected traditional art and who don’t know much about it. Sometimes, it feels like people in Web3 completely disregard the vast art heritage that preceded the very lucrative yet short era of the art we sell and keep on the blockchain. I can see Herodotus (father of history) smirking at these art collectors and sometimes artists, knowing that actual value is built through evolution and inheritance of the best traditions of the past.
With this thought, I started Twitter Space with Lisa Odette, one of my favorite artists who have the talent to picture a woman in this most natural flowing state while being relaxed. With curvy shapes and stylish outfits, these women pose effortlessly and remind you about the essence of being a woman. I could see Rubens, Picasso, Klein… and so many other powerful references in Lisa’s art.
No wonder, as we spoke about her sources of inspiration, Lisa mentioned not only great NFT projects but also a lot of great artists from the past who influenced her creativity. So we put together the list of these artists. Who knows, maybe they will also serve you well.

At the end of this post, you will find a bonus from Lisa that I am sure you will appreciate.
Here goes the list of artists that shaped Lisa’s signature artistic style:
1. Henri Matisse and other avant-garde artists.
Lisa: “Henri Matisse is one of my biggest inspos, his art is trendy nowadays and an inspiration for many artists, as the way he synthesizes the human and specifically female body is pleasing to the eye.”
2. Pablo Picasso.
Lisa: “Picasso and his cubism style also influence how I compose my pieces. My studies and background as a graphic designer help me a lot when making compositions and using colors.”
3. Constantin Brancusi
Lisa: “His sculptures are mesmerizing. They influenced me a lot, especially when I started to sculpt in 3D.”
4. Yves Klein
Lisa: “Yves Klein and his signature blue have a place in my inspiration journey. This unique color has so much life and optimistic energy in it. One of the colors that charge people when they look at it.”
5. Tamara Lempicka
Lisa: “Tamara is a Polish and French artist who is mostly known for portraying women aristocrats. Many people pointed out the resemblance of hers and mine styles when I presented my first 3D sculpted ladies.”
6. Art déco and especially graphic posters from that period.
It is another inspiration for Lisa, as geometry and bright colors are standard features in this movement.
7. The last to list but number one to inspire is Malika Favre.
Lisa: “I love how she makes strong feminine characters and plays with shapes and shadows to create new meanings. Also, her color palette is super elegant.”
Lisa also wanted to share a new course she crafted specifically for the artists. After spending years in the art world and becoming an accomplished artist, she put together a series of classes that we hope you will find useful.
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