September 23, 2022
Author: Leila Ismailova // Communication and Partnerships at ARTISANT.
Stephy's tips on becoming a successful digital fashion designer.
No day goes by at ARTISANT without something exciting happening in our fantastic community… However, some days are especially prominent. The day we had a Twitter Space with Stephy Fung had this extra kick, like spicy chilly in your margarita.
Stephy and ARTISANT go a long way. While ARTISANT was still building the marketplace, Stephy was one of the first designers to believe in ARTISANT and minted her design with us. It won't come as a surprise, but her gorgeous design was snatched from our marketplace by an anonymous collector with the speed of light.

Since then, Stephy has come a long way, turning her name into a brand, the most desired speaker at every conference that guarantees to fill the room, and one of the hottest digital fashion designers out there.

Her journey is so motivational. You can listen to the recording of our Twitter space here.

As a gift for our community, we also put together Stephy's tips on becoming a successful digital fashion designer.
1. Being a great designer is not enough.
You should master skills and be creative. However, it is still fifty percent of success. The other fifty are putting yourself in the arena, playing a social game, going out to events, meeting people, building relationships, and being active community member in digital and physical realms. Social media is an integral part of brand building. It takes a lot of time and energy, but it is what it takes for the designer to build a name.

2. Weekly challenges.
Set up weekly challenges for yourself that will guarantee your professional growth. Don't go too big, but create intentionally every week. Make a hat or a t-shirt, and make it better than the last time. It may seem like a small task, but if you stick to practicing, you'll see some serious progress in several months.

3. You have everything you need to be successful.
For a long time, a lack of good education was a barrier that wouldn't allow some people to become successful and wealthy. Not anymore. I am a self-taught designer and found everything I need to know on YouTube. Companies that built software I use, like Clo3d, Cinema4d, and others - now have free tutorials. All you need to do is invest your time and have a wifi connection. You'd spend $0 on your education and will make more and more as the adoption of web3 expands.
You can find more free resources for education here.
4. You are right on time!
You might be wrong if you feel like you missed the opportunity and all the good spots are taken. It is still very early, and we are at the tip of the iceberg, at the beginning of the adoption. Once again, by investing time into your education today, you will secure an excellent job for many years. So many jobs are in the making right now.

5. Be smart while being creative.
Save money before you quit your job and become a full-time NFT artist. So that you have at least a six-months runway before you get to the point when you make enough by selling your NFTs. The creative energy flows better when your mind is not stressed about paying rent and other financial obligations. A little bit of financial planning can make a big difference in your career.
You are in the most artist-friendly environment, so seize the opportunity. Historically, being an artist has always been challenging. NFT technology, smart contract, community-centered ethos - all of it and so much more make Web3 the best environment to create! Appreciate the unique time in which you get to create.

If you have questions or want feedback, feel free to dm me on Twitter.

And I wish you the best of luck in your creative journey .