NFT digital fashion platform with 2earn gamification,
where collectors can collect, mint, trade, and use their digital fashion assets, create and level up their avatars and uncover ARTISANT Universe story going through daily gameplay.
LAUNCHED (before):
20 May 2020 - before launching ARTISANT, the team launched the first ever web2 digital fashion marketplace We were among the pioneers and explorers of the digital fashion wave and researched the magical opportunities of the new fashion era. We were one of the first teams on this planet to start promoting the digital fashion community, artists, and designers and launch projects and collaborations with brands and tech start-ups.
Then we naturally moved to the glorious world of web3, blockchain and NFTs and launched ARTISANT to make digital fashion and metaverse shine together in full force.
2022 IRL events:
Art Basel Miami, GITEX Global Dubai, NFT Berlin, AVATA x MAD Global Picnic x London Fashion Week.

L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York everyday collectibles
ARTISANT Insights: nice daily messages that come along with every collectible asset
User personal space upgrade (can change pfp, background banner, post bio, wallet, social links and share profile)
MUTANI x Antwerp Cyber-Six drop
White Scroll of Eva drop: first ARTISANT collectible NFT, early access to converting daily assets to NFTs. SOLD OUT IN 8 MINUTES (OpenSea, White Scroll of Eva FAQ)

UPCOMING (progress):

ARTISANT male avatar is born. Ave is the name, officially presented on 9 February 2023 - DONE
Blockchain integration - everyday collectibles can be minted as NFTs for holding, trading, exchanging - ARTISANT NFT minting FOR ALL launched 30 March 2023. 22 000+ tokens minted and counting. - DONE
New upgrade of user personal space: 3D interactive avatar try-on room integration. Your avatar can wear selected collectibles (beta with photorealistic avatars). ARTISANT Fashion Playground - launched in March 2023 - DONE
ARTISANT pfp drop (nice small artsy pfp drop to keep the OG community excited)
ARTISANT metaverse headquarters opening (Spatial)
New blockchain upgrade (additional scoring smart contract with 2earm capabilities). Mass NFT minting launched with ARTISANT rarity and traits system - the foundation for future gamified and 2earn features. - DONE
NEW! ARTISANT Family Hub - 2000 MATIC fund for giving back to the community (rare and regular NFTs random buyback, artists support, community giveaways, etc.) -DONE
New upgrade of the user personal space: exclusive customizable 3D avatars, updated 3D try-on room with more fashion NFTs available for wearing on avatars. Fashion Playground launch combines customizable and photorealistic avatars. This milestone was delivered even earlier than planned - DONE
NEW! ARTISANT NFT - Burn and Redeem. A feature for collectors to BURN their NFTs and REDEEM MATIC, ARTI Stars and other perks. - DONE
2earn gamified adventure launch: create and level up your avatar, try on fashion NFTs, combine fashion sets, increase scoring and ratings, mint the most fabulous outfits, and explore the ARTISANT Universe.
Metaverse interoperability integration (beta).
ARTISANT mobile app launch (AR try-ons, collectibles, personal avatar, and try-on room)
Contents for the OG community.
Build-in chat integration.